Home Intercom System is a good helper for Caregivers

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All caregivers face an unavoidable problem, as they watch their loved ones age. How to care for the elderly maintain their dignity and independence is responsible? They must weigh the choices, balancing care for the safety and freedom of life. Most elderly people prefer to “age in place”, which is a non-medical environment, a reference to survive, often their own family or relatives at home. To compensate for the health of nurses look for products, services and facilities to assist the elderly in their daily work. This is the life of the elderly are often seen, because they are not uprooted more economical, more dignified way and friends and family isolation.

The first product of the caregivers should be considered a wireless home intercom system. How do caregivers know when to start an intercom system? This is certainly not the person is disabled or fall injuries. The need for an intercom system is, the aging is damage to a loved one’s quality of life of the first signs:

  • Balance and coordination. As a person’s age, they often seem more likely to fall flat or just change their position on the ground or leakage. Regular exercise is very slow, because they must take more care, while moving.
  • Hearing. Loss of hearing range of the elderly, especially in the higher frequencies. This makes the conversation or hear someone calling from another room is very difficult.
  • Distance is limited. The elderly often can not reach or stretch as far as possible they did. It becomes laborious to find someone to just get an object, they can not reach themselves.
  • Short-sighted. The vision disappeared, the edge is seen as not up and down stairs with different causes, the difficulties of lighting and color-coded. Often become confused with a small cell phone buttons.
  • Poor muscle control and strength. The elderly are often limited by the amount of weight they can lift. This was very easy to move things, they sometimes suddenly find they can not perform simple tasks, because they, like at a young age.
  • The first stage of the disease. Some, such as Alzheimer’s disease, the elderly to go out more often and increase their fear or confusion, in a strange place environment. This care is often limited to the same room, and for patients and their families.

A wireless intercom system is an important theme, can provide much-needed safety net for the elderly. Some caregivers try to use ready-made baby monitors, cordless phones or medical alert device. These are all invalid, as the solution of these devices is the most dangerous is not waterproof, they will not survive down in the tub. Wal-Mart to buy most of the baby monitor is not safe, and inviting neighbors to unwanted intruders into your life and the progress of insight.

The best option is to choose a high quality, such as WireFree outdoor wireless system or SVAT Wireless intercom systems video security systems. These systems can be found here are using digital intercom system, several benefits:

Help care for and make as many trips up and down stairs, thus reducing the chance of falls among the elderly people.

Allow caregivers, family members and the wider move of the house and grounds for the elderly. They can even use the safe house is not connected to a call button near the building.

Reserved for the elderly who need help just call the real time reduce the “wandering” the independence of caregivers.

Many systems have a longer “reach” stronger and clearer than the baby monitor receiver.
Secure transmission of information and data.

No air-time charges or monthly fees.

Ability to “hands free” like a telephone to communicate through a microphone.

Through improved home security video to help identify visitors before opening the door for the elderly. Many elderly people can not see through the peephole, and through a voice recognition difficulties.

It also does not touch, for disabled or seriously ill patients the benefits of wireless intercom system. Overall, the installation of a wireless intercom system, will give you more understanding in times of crisis contacts to help means a sense of security. It allows two nannies and a sense of freedom and independence, help to combat depression and “cabin fever” is more often the case of the elderly appear.

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