D-Link Release First USB 3.0 HD Media Routers

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Las Vegas – streaming media, local and network has become increasingly popular. It does not matter what kind of services you use, or you have any players you see on TV or computer screen, and go through your home router.

D-Link has this in mind, announced at CES 2011, HD media router, it claims to provide better audio and video streams, and 1080p content even the large papers.

These routers are DLNA certified, and include quality of service (QoS) engine, fuel technology known as HD, that is the priority as high-definition video and high definition YouTube, Netflix Inc. and Vudu service flow.

The new HD media router with a SD card slot, wireless – N and Gigabit Ethernet. Two of them come with a usb 3.0 front panel pci, which is an intermediate router first, which may mean better network storage performance.

According to D – Link, the new HD media sharing router provides a new platform MiiiCasa, a cloudlike server, to enable family members to manage their IP connected devices to provide content pages.

The new HD Media Router series include:

  • HD media router 1000 (Deer – 657): a single-band Wireless 300Mbps – N with a USB 2.0 SharePort Plus port router.
  • HD media router 2000 (Deer – 827): a true dual-band Wireless – N wireless router and USB 3.0 transfer rate up to 2Gbps.
  • HD media router 3000 (Deer – 857): This is the highest, uncompromising, true dual-band router has all the DIR – 827, plus up to 5GHz band, similar pieces from the network WNDR4000 450Mbps.

D – Link’s said its new HD media router will provide a comprehensive wireless streaming set top boxes (like TiVo, Slingbox, and and Boxee’s box from the D – Link) the best video quality, and network storage devices and PC – to PC communication. Consumers can expect the same at home, streaming media experience.

In the DIR – 657 is expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year, will cost less than 140 dollars. The other two models, Deere – 827 and the DIR – 857, will be in the second and third quarters, respectively. Present their prices determined



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